Your Guide to Gun Safes

Gun laws are changing and whether or not you agree with them, keeping your piece safe should be a priority for you. You probably went through paperwork, training, a waiting period, approval process, and numerous other pieces of red tape to acquire your guns, so you are not likely to want them to end up missing, misplaced, lost, or stolen. You want to know where it is all times, whether or not you are home and there is no better way of knowing than if they were locked up in a small gun safe.

Your small gun safe should be large enough to accommodate your gun, its cleaning material and ammunition so that everything is together when you need it and where you need it. The small gun safe you choose doesn’t have to be too large unless you plan on having more than one gun stored in it. It should be able to handle any type of small gun, from a pistol to a revolver. Whatever your style and choice in firearms may be, your small gun safe needs to be able to hold it and keep it safe.

There are many different styles of small gun safes and you need to choose one that is going to fit your needs such as getting into it when you need it. Either a simple key lock, to a combination lock whether digital or manual. There are also biometric style locks built into certain small gun safes that allow your fingerprints to be recorded only allowing that person to open it. Your lock should be secure and some of the better locks have an override function that if the combination was tried unsuccessfully three times or more, than it locks you out. Your small gun safe might open on the side, the top or with a swing door like a cabinet.

No matter the type of small gun safe you are choosing to keep your weapons locked and secure you need to keep them in that safe unless you are using them. Give nobody access to your safe unless you absolutely trust your firearm in the hands of someone else. Not only is your safety at stake but the safety of your family could be at stake if someone gets in there that you don’t want them to. It’s hard to say and even harder to live through if your child were to get their hands on your gun, because you gave them access to it.

Kids are impressionable and they look up to their parents for support, guidance and strength of character. They want to know they can look to you for safety. Yet children these days are taking guns to school and shooting other children for whatever dark reasons they can think of. Teachers or other figures of authority are being shot and killed by a sidearm that was found in the house, and left lying around for the child to be in reach of. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of that gun, especially when the holder happens to be your own child.

Take the time to teach your child or children the importance of your guns and instruct them in law when it comes to them. Teach them about your small gun safe and why it is important. Or if it is possible don’t tell them at all that you own a firearm so the safe never becomes a topic of conversation in the first place.

Key points to remember:

*lock up your guns
*make sure your small gun safe is secure
*choose the right lock to keep them safe
*teach your children about gun safety