Self Sufficient Gardening For Preppers

Self Sufficient Gardening For Preppers

Who doesn’t dream of a self-sufficient garden? We give you tips on how to best layout the garden so that nothing stands in the way of your project. Whether you can supply yourself partially or entirely with your vegetables and fruit from the garden depends not only on the garden’s size but also on how much time you can or want to spend on the self-sufficient garden.


Partial self-sufficiency: If you only want to partially supply yourself with vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruit, count on 25 m² of growing area per person.

EXTENSIVE SELF-SUFFICIENCY: With an area of 70 m² per person, you can harvest many fruit and vegetables.

COMPLETE SELF-SUFFICIENCY: For full independence, you need at least 160 m² per person. 20 m² of this is for vegetable patches, 40 m² for storage vegetables, and 100 m² for fruit. Partial suppliers have a much smaller area to work on (approx. 100 m² for four people). You cannot feed yourself entirely from your harvest all year round, but from spring to autumn, it is possible to eat fresh fruit or vegetables from your garden every day. If stored properly, vegetables and fruits will be available until late in winter.


The best thing to do is to take a large piece of paper and draw in the area under cultivation and the compass’s direction. When planting, it is essential to pay attention to solar radiation because not all plants like direct sunlight.

There should be a water connection near the beds. An automatic irrigation system would also be possible. This saves a lot of time, and the plants are optimally supplied with water from below. Possibly plan a compost heap in the immediate vicinity.


Good garden soil is an essential requirement for healthy plant growth. The soil should not be too sandy or too loamy. Enhance the ground with, for example, evergreen garden soil and compost.

So you can be quite sure whether the soil is optimal for your vegetables and fruits, you can have a soil test to perform. With the test result, you receive not only a soil analysis but also a fertilizer recommendation. You can read here how it works.


The beds should have a maximum width of 1.5 m and be easily accessible from both sides. Plan a walkway of 40-50 cm between the beds. The paths are always easy to walk on; you can lay boards or sprinkle them with bark mulch.

Put together a wish list with the fruits and vegetables you like to eat that are easy to care for and fit into the region. Vegetables that take up a lot of space, such as pumpkin or zucchini, need a little more room. Grow your vegetables according to the rules of mixed culture. This type of cultivation prevents one-sided nutrient deprivation of the soil, disease and pest infestation, soil fatigue due to root exudates, and low yields.

Fruit trees and berry bushes require almost 100 m² of space. You can save space in the beds if you have a suitable place in the garden for the fruit trees.

A cold frame or a small greenhouse should not be missing in any self-sufficient garden. You can use it to grow your plants and then plant them directly in the bed. Most plants cannot tolerate frost and should only be planted outdoors after the ice saints (mid-May).

No self-sufficient garden should be without herbs. Since the herbs are needed for cooking, the herb garden should be laid out near the house. Most herbs need a lot of suns. Therefore, a southern location is ideal for them.

Which vegetables and fruits to grow?

There are high-consuming, medium-consuming, and low-consuming plants. Make sure that you do not plant the same plants in the same bed every year.

It may even be worth considering investing in some indoor gardening self-watering planters to continue growing year-round.


Don’t undertake too much to start with. Start with just a few types of vegetables and fruits and then add 2 – 3 varieties a year. Let the garden grow. In the spring, most work is required, such as beds, to prepare and sow pre-cultures. The harvest season begins in summer and can last until late in autumn. The grounds should also be loosened regularly, cleared of weeds, and watered daily. Vegetables that have already been harvested can be re-sown or planted out. In autumn, it is boiled down and stored.

Why A Used Camper Should Be In Your Prepping Arsenal?

Abandonded RV

When we’re planning for end of days, we all need to have a rapid escape plan, and bug-out vehicles are the obvious choice.  That might be whatever vehicle is at hand when the apocalypse comes, but if you plan ahead and invest a bit of money, you can get yourself a remarkably comfortably RV.

You don’t even need to spend a lot of money.  Used campers can cost as little as $2,000, but it’s always worth checking Nada RV or Kelley Bluebook for the latest used RV prices and to make sure you’re not being ripped off.

To help you pick the perfect bug out RV, we’ve put together the following short guide to help your way. For the record, I don’t have an RV myself, I’m basing this information on information gained online.  If I was to get one, then a pop-up truck camper would be my first choice, given its movability and small profile.

For the sake of clarity, when I refer to RV, I mean any vehicle that can be towed and or be driven and allows for a single person or multiple to effectively live in it.  While most RVs are meant to be temporary accommodation, there’s no reason why you couldn’t live in one for years.  In fact, many people live full time on the road in an RV, so it’s absolutely doable.

We also need to understand what we mean by bug-out vehicle. In my opinion, we’re talking about a vehicle that allows you to quickly and efficiently leave your immediate location in case of a disaster.  Ideally, this vehicle needs to be able to support yourself and your family for a few days.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might have your log cabin in the mountains that’s perfectly capably of supporting you and your family for months at a time.  If that is you, then you still need a vehicle to get to that location, however, an RV might not be the best choice.  A better choice for you might be a 4×4 vehicle with plenty of power and movability that’s able to tackle any conditions that are thrown its way.

For the rest of us without the luxury of a bug out location, an RV of some sort almost becomes an essential item…. well almost.

A well-stocked and capable RV, even a used one with plenty of miles under its belt could make the difference between life and death and could quite easily save your life.  Not to mention that campers are capable of holding plenty of supplies as well as passengers.

If I had a choice between camping out with my family during a disaster or living in a used camper, then you can bet I would pick the camper.

Home Monitored Security System

Every time we leave our homes un guarded we are faced with that an editable fear that someone may attempt to gain access to our property. We are always hearing of the increase in crime and so it is only natural for us to worry about these things. We also know that one of the best ways to deal with this issue is to install a home monitored security system.

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“Some of the Types of Security Systems”

Home Security being the big issue that is nowadays has allowed for a large market to unfold for the home security system industry. The good thing about this is that you now have many different choices of appliance to use in your home.

The great majority of security systems will provide you with observations and monitoring from within the household but the problem is what happens if the attack occurs when you are away and there is nobody around close enough to hear and take notice of the alarms and call the authorities. For this reason it can often be best to install a home monitored security system.

The home monitored security system is best because it is connected to a central monitored system, which will alert the necessary authorities, which can take action even when you are not in the house or in town.

A home monitored security system is quite a bit more reliable simply because your home will always be under the surveillance of a third party whose only job is to ensure you and your belongings are safe at all times. When an alarm is activated by a home monitored security system the necessary action is taken within minutes and security personal equipped to deal with any situation will be dispatched to your home to investigate and make sure you and your house are safe.

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“Who Should Consider Installing a Home Monitored Security System”

All those that travel intensely and leave their house unattended for long periods of time, families who have ailing elder folks who are in the house by themselves for long periods of time and families that have children as well as those that live alone should consider installing a home monitored security system.

This monitored security systems have that all-important advantage of being there for you 24 hours a day making it that much easier for you to take it easy when out and about.

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you really should take the effort to install or have installed a home monitored security system to provide that extra security for your family and belongings. The peace of mind you gain from having that extra security will more than make it worthwhile.

How An Under Bed Gun Safe Can Help Protect Against Intruders

Gun safes are a great investment for your family. They can help hide those guns you don’t want tampered with and save you and your family from theft, intruders or unfortunate accidents. Having a gun safe is an responsible choice for any gun owner and should be a must own as well.
Gun safes keep guns locked up secure so no others can get in them.
An under bed gun safe is especially helpful as it can easily stay hidden and accessible. These safes are perfect for any middle of the night intruders. They also hide your guns rather well from any children who may be around. Even if they found the safe, they wouldn’t be able to open it which could help you and your family avoid tragedy. An under bed gun safe can come in many different styles, some can even come disguised as common household objects.

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“Under Bed Gun Safe can Protect you from Intruders”

There are many reasons why all gun owners should own a gun safe, especially an under bed gun safe. Gun safes keep your gun safe and hidden. The benefits of owning a gun safe can literally be life or death. If an intruder looking to rob or hurt your family were to enter in the middle of the night, are your guns in a quickly accessible spot? If you owned a under bed gun safe they would be. It’s easy to slide out the gun safe and open it for quick access to your guns when in need.

They’re also totally safe and help keep your family safe. An under bed gun safe would’ve came in handy recently for the families of those young boys, the older boy had gotten a gun from a relative’s home and shot another boy. If they had an under bed gun safe, the chances of that boy finding the gun would’ve been much slimmer and both families could have avoided such a tragedy.

Under the bed gun safes may even be more safe and hidden than other gun safes since hardly anyone looks under someone’s bed. Even children are less likely to look under a parent’s bed when snooping around. The price you pay for one of these safes is very slim compared to the safety your family will receive. Owning a gun safe is a responsible choice that every gun owner should consider. If an under the bed gun safe isn’t the right choice for you and your family, there are many other options available.

Some gun safes come disguised as household items and can even be hidden in compartments or installed within your wall, sort of like a vault. There are really unlimited options when it comes to choosing a gun safe. However, owning any type of gun safe will greatly help your family and possibly even the families of others. Owning a gun safe is part of being a responsible gun owner and is a choice that could save not only the lives of your family, but the lives of others as well. Be responsible, be safe and buy a gun safe today.

Your Guide to Gun Safes

Gun laws are changing and whether or not you agree with them, keeping your piece safe should be a priority for you. You probably went through paperwork, training, a waiting period, approval process, and numerous other pieces of red tape to acquire your guns, so you are not likely to want them to end up missing, misplaced, lost, or stolen. You want to know where it is all times, whether or not you are home and there is no better way of knowing than if they were locked up in a small gun safe.

Your small gun safe should be large enough to accommodate your gun, its cleaning material and ammunition so that everything is together when you need it and where you need it. The small gun safe you choose doesn’t have to be too large unless you plan on having more than one gun stored in it. It should be able to handle any type of small gun, from a pistol to a revolver. Whatever your style and choice in firearms may be, your small gun safe needs to be able to hold it and keep it safe.

There are many different styles of small gun safes and you need to choose one that is going to fit your needs such as getting into it when you need it. Either a simple key lock, to a combination lock whether digital or manual. There are also biometric style locks built into certain small gun safes that allow your fingerprints to be recorded only allowing that person to open it. Your lock should be secure and some of the better locks have an override function that if the combination was tried unsuccessfully three times or more, than it locks you out. Your small gun safe might open on the side, the top or with a swing door like a cabinet.

No matter the type of small gun safe you are choosing to keep your weapons locked and secure you need to keep them in that safe unless you are using them. Give nobody access to your safe unless you absolutely trust your firearm in the hands of someone else. Not only is your safety at stake but the safety of your family could be at stake if someone gets in there that you don’t want them to. It’s hard to say and even harder to live through if your child were to get their hands on your gun, because you gave them access to it.

Kids are impressionable and they look up to their parents for support, guidance and strength of character. They want to know they can look to you for safety. Yet children these days are taking guns to school and shooting other children for whatever dark reasons they can think of. Teachers or other figures of authority are being shot and killed by a sidearm that was found in the house, and left lying around for the child to be in reach of. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of that gun, especially when the holder happens to be your own child.

Take the time to teach your child or children the importance of your guns and instruct them in law when it comes to them. Teach them about your small gun safe and why it is important. Or if it is possible don’t tell them at all that you own a firearm so the safe never becomes a topic of conversation in the first place.

Key points to remember:

*lock up your guns
*make sure your small gun safe is secure
*choose the right lock to keep them safe
*teach your children about gun safety